Our story

It all started with the simple idea that scrollers should not be limited in what they can hand craft, and therefore having customizable patterns should be accessible and affordable for anybody.

As scrollers, we do what we do out of love and passion. For those doing it professionally, it's not always easy to keep the business going, while staying profitable. We have heard too many times scrollers losing potential customers because customization was bumping the price by $15-$20 due to the cost of designing a custom pattern.

Scrolling is fun, but designing was taking too much of our time, money, and energy. We wanted to spend our weekends scrolling, not designing, so we started automating the creation of our patterns.

After a few weeks of working on this project, we got lucky and met another scroller. He loved our program and asked us if he could use it, that's the moment we looked at each other and thought it could benefit the whole community.

We are focusing on making sure that all of our patterns are providing high value. Patterns that are not customized by enough scrollers are removed to keep the catalog easy to browse. We are committed to keep the service easy and fast to use, as well cheap so scrollers can focus on cutting. You can check out the current catalog.

Once again, we wanted to thank all our friends that are using the website every day to generate their patterns and craft for their family, friends and customers. Let's make handmade-crafts more customizable together!

The Holz Brothers