Football & Rugby Split Monogram 8 x 12.5 in. Scroll Saw Pattern | The Holz Brothers
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Football & Rugby Split Monogram | Downloadable Scroll Saw Pattern

This scroll saw pattern is perfect as an American Football or Rugby players plaque to display as a door sign for Home Decor. This scroll saw pattern nicely represents an oval american football ball or a rugby ball. The ball is entirely customizable and can be personalized thanks to the pattern maker with the name of the team, the number of the player, and the name of the player for perfect home decor, or office decor. This scroll saw pattern design can be designed to represent professional, college, or club team players. It is formed by several elements that create a perfect memory for sports fans or sports players alike. The oval ball is split into two parts that are joined together in the middle by the first name or last name of the player in uppercase. In the top part of the ball, a smaller text area can be personalized in uppercase with the name of the local team (Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, ...) or a national team (USA, England, New Zealand, All blacks, …). In the lower part of the ball, a spot is designated for the player’s number.

Available for only 2.99 each

Please note this is a digital scroll saw pattern and will be delivered to your email inbox almost immediately after placing your order. Ordering is easy, simply customize your scroll saw design and check your email. Print the pattern and you’re ready to scroll.

FAQs about this custom scroll saw pattern
How big is the Football & Rugby Split Monogram pattern?

It is 8 x 12.5 inches / 20 x 32 cm and it will be delivered on several panels so you just need to hit 'print' and get back to work. You can also order a resizable version.

How long does it take to get my downloadable pattern?

Less than one minute. Please note that all patterns are delivered in the same email: if you order for example 10 patterns it might take a little longer.

Do you have a sample of what your printable scroll saw patterns look like?

Yes. View our samples to see what our custom patterns look like.


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